Adventure Time Inspired Character

So starting off I was asked to create a character inspired by the Tv show Adventure Time after doing some research on the show and its characters I found that most of the character had a similar design.

e0a4f3c529ad273c4cf5122657a5bf4f.jpg As you can see each characters design seems to be random with few of the same body types ever being reused, you can also see that for the majority of the characters they have a set face style as most animals and creatures having the large eyes and distinct large eyes and have a nose but with the more human characters all they have are two dots for eyes and a mouth.

For my character, I decided to create a human type character not knowing what to go with I decided to start with the body and the legs. I gave my character a loose feeling on his limbs as after watching an episode of the show I noticed that every characters design felt as if it was free and not defined by laws of how you would expect a character to be, this works with the show’s theme as it follows a shapeshifting dog and his human friend on all kinds of weird adventures.

After designing the basis of my character I still was unsure on what type of character he was going to be then I started to think about the types of characters I saw during my research and how some weird characters came about when based on food, for my character I took most inspiration from the 4th one along who looks like a lemon.

After going through a couple of foods for my character I finally came to my design that stuck and this was a tin of baked beans I decided to take a little inspiration from a news article I had seen before. You can find out more by Clicking Here2282217JPG.jpg

I decided to take some points from the man’s outfit as he clearly likes Heinz baked beans and since my character was based on a tin of beans it only seemed right to incorporate some parts of this outfit into my character, I took the cape and added it to my character and in the final design when I add it to the computer and draw it in Adobe Illustrator I will also have a logo on his chest.


Although it is hard to see in this image the head is designed after a tin of baked beans with the body, legs and shoes are based on the character of ‘Finn’ as I found he has a simple character design and since I am not the best at drawing I thought it would easier to focus on the head. The face of my character is based on the standard look of most human-like characters in Adventure Time.





UPDATE 28/09/2016


After importing my character into Adobe Illustrator I used the Pen tool to create the frame of my character as I could easily draw both straight and curved lines with the tool by either simply holding the mouse button after I placed the line to create a curve or just linking up each point to get a straight line. I could have used the Pencil tool and set the lines to smooth so after I draw out my character each line becomes smoothed however I felt that the Pen tool would work better with my character having mostly straight or curved lines.

Overall I am happy how my character turned out as I feel that it resembles a character that could live within the Adventure Time universe and fits the shows ridiculous storylines and characters work together, I also like how my character was inspired by both the TV show and real life being the news article and the brand of Heinz.




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