Can’t Drive This Review

First I would like to say that I was given a free Pre-Release key although this does not change my opinion of this game.

So you might be wondering, what is Can’t Drive This?  Well basically Can’t Drive This is a driving game, but that would be putting it simply because in this game there are two roles one of a driver  who drives his custom designed vehicle down a road that is being built by the builder who places roads down for the driver to help or sabotage their performance.

The Driver

The driver’s job is to drive on the road being built by the other player to achieve the highest score possible however if the driver stops moving for whatever reason, maybe they missed a turn or have been blocked by the builder a countdown will begin that starts at around five seconds that means if the driver does not pick up speed eventually they will explode and lose the score they have built up.

The Builder 

It is the builder’s job to either aid or hinder the driver, depending on what type of friend you decided to hinder the driver, depending on what type of friend you decided to be, changes the outcome of the game, if you decided to be a helpful friend. You will be working together to achieve the highest score possible that currently sits at 7703 on the leaderboard at the time of writing. However, if you decided to be a saboteur you will spend most of your games manipulating how the road is positioned to catch out your friend the make them blow up.ezgif-1005309997.gif


While the game still hasn’t officially released yet it still offers a small amount of customization, allowing you to choose between 1 of 4 different vehicles as you can see below as well as giving a wide range of colors to choose from, having both a primary and an accent color. On top of that, the game also has some other customization such as a selection of different Nose customizations allowing you to add some small things such as a tie or horns, Spoilers that has a range of spoilers to just rainbows and the game also offers some patterns that can be added to your car. The game also allows you to customize the platform that you place down in builder mode although this is only of the colors.CANT DRIVE.pngcant-drive2

The game has online play as well as a single player mode, starting with the online, although I was unable to experience much online play due to lack of players as the game does not release until the 26th of September 2016, the idea is there that you will simply pick what role you would like to play and then search for another player who is looking to play the other role. The singleplayer experience although very difficult to learn is fun, you are given control of your car as well as the build mode, in this game mode you can build the tiles and drive at the same time, although this mode is difficult as you have to keep moving and manipulate the platforms you are about to place, leading to a lot of mistakes and retries despite that the game still manages to be fun.


Overall I think that Can’ Drive This is a fun and original game and I look forward to seeing what the developers are going to add in the future, the game is easy to learn but hard to master and I think that is a perfect combination for a game. If you would like to purchase the game for yourself or maybe you just want to know more about the game, links can be found below.

Developers Website

Steam Page

Video To Go Along With Post


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