Learning To Draw

Usually, when you think about learning to draw you think about the best drawing of something you like and do it in your head. WOW, that looks amazing until you put it down on paper. Unless you can draw you have probably  been through this before and I am the same, I see amazing detailed drawings in my head but when it gets to paper and it looks like a three-year-old could have done it. Actually, that would be an insult to a three-year-old.

In all seriousness, though I can not draw so don’t expect to see anything amazing in this post. We started by first going outside and picking something to draw, I decided to pick the easiest thing that I could find, some trees and a bench. Seems simple enough but like I said I’m not good at drawing at all. However, from doing this exercise I did learn a couple of things, such as when we tried to draw with our arm we don’t usually use it forced us to draw faster and look at what we were drawing more which in the end ended up making come drawings better off, this is because when you draw with your hand that you use all the time your brain just imagines the thing that you are drawing making you not look up as much, but this leads to an image on the paper that looks different to the real thing.

After we had been outside we were then shown how to get proportion right on a face as you can see below the steps to creating a face with cheekbones, eyes and other parts of the face in the right  place the image at the bottom is the final result, although it did not turn out perfect it have me an idea of how to draw a face. 1-and-23-and-45-and-67-and-89-and-1011-and-12fianl result.pngAfter drawing the basis for a face we were told to try to design some of our own faces made just from a random starting shape, the images below are the two that I had created.


This one looks a little like buzz lightyear from Toy Story  
This one looks a little like a knight

The last part of the lesson was spent creating different face features, here are some drawings of a nose and an eye.EYE AND NOSE.png



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