So I got hands on with a programme called Maya. Maya is a 3D computer graphics software developed by Alias Systems Corporation and is currently owned and expanded upon by Autodesk.  It is used to create interactive 3D applications, including video games and animated films.

When we were given access to Maya, I already had some understanding of how the program worked and how to use it as I had installed it myself previously however  I did not know most of what was shown to me in the lesson.

The tools we learned how to use were:


  1. Selection Tool: The selection tool allows you to simply select any visible component within the 3D world.
  2. Movement Tool: The movement tool allows the user to move the component they had selected with the selection tool by giving them 3 arrows pointing in three directions, being able to be moved in almost any direction.
  3. Rotate Tool: The rotate tool much like the movement tool, allows a user to rotate the component in any direction, however unlike the movement tool this tool gives the user three spheres around the component allowing the user to rotate it in any direction they would like.
  4. Scale Tool: The scale tool similarly to the Movement and Rotate tool gives the user three boxes facing in three directions that can be used to change the component that has been selected by increasing or decreasing the size of each side, or do the same with the whole polygon.

As well as learning how to set up and order a project folder we began to learn the basics of extrusion of faces although we still have another lesson so I will keep you updated below as well as that you will find a link to the powerpoint that we used to learn the basics of Autodesk Maya, so if you wanted to do the same you can easily.

Learning the tools was only half the lesson, after learning the tools we were asked to create a cityscape, I decided to start with a back wall, adding in a cuboid and changing it to  create as suitable backdrop to begin to add the buildings to it, instead of doing a large cityscape with skyscrapers I decided to go with more of a town look starting to give each house a little more detail such as doors and windows, you cannot see theses however due to them being the same texture. After creating the houses I decided to test out my newly acquired skills of manipulating the shapes so I began work on a centerpiece for the town, this ended up looking like a fountain type structure as you can see below.

Image Of The Houses
Birds Eye View Of 3D World
Image Of Fountain

Link To Maya Modelling Powerpoint: mayamodelling (You Will Need Microsoft PowerPoint In Order To View This)


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