The Maze Game

So I was given some code for a simple maze game in Adobe Animate. I was told I could change anything and everything. After learning a little bit about the software I decided to start adding different items to see how they looked. When I started to change how the levels started I took inspiration from a game I had played before called Thomas Was Alone, as in that game the design is simple as you follow different shapes and go through the game solving puzzles. Although my change of the maze game isn’t really something amazing or even something that good, it is a start to help me understand how the software works. The experience of getting someone’s work and being able to understand and change it has taught me more than if I had just picked it up and tried to learn myself.

When I looked into the game after I had gone through changing different things, I felt as if the game was just boring. So, I decided to go back through and add different text to each page giving the game somewhat of a small story, some meaning to push the player to want to find out what happens.

The levels of my maze game, the original first level just contained some text saying the maze game and told the player to get to the end so I changed this by first adding some green pentagons and changing the white square player to a circular blue player as I thought it looked more appealing. I later looked at my level and gave it the title Jack Started adding a prompt telling the player that they needed to get to a light switch which is a placeholder until I can find a suitable image to replace it. I then went back and added a background of a sewer as I think it is a good setting for my game to start.


For the second level, I added a background of a sewer pipe as the first level has you ending at the start of a pipe, so I thought it would be fitting to have the second level take place in the pipe itself, after adding some obstacles


I moved to level three where I took a different approach. I have no background for level three as I am unsure of where I should have the player but i did make the original level invisible giving the player noticeable outlines on the walls so they can find their way to the end. On the fourth level I have started to add more movable obstacles using an animation path to make obstacles go back and forth and then masking an image of rats onto them to simulate a rat in the sewer. As of this post I have plans to finish both the third and fourth level and add some more of my own levels in the future.jack-started-2

The maze game itself is far from being anything playable but it has helped me to understand the core concepts of Adobe Animate such as adding different images and obstacles, creating an animation path, masking images onto shapes and what the different tools offered to me can do.

UPDATE: 20/09/2016

After further developing my game adding to more levels and an end game screen after you win, I also changed the players colour to purple as I thought a purple player appealed to a larger range of players.level21-fw

This is the fourth level of my game, I used this level to start to learn some more tools in Adobe Animate, these were tools such as masking an image and creating an animation. Firstly to masking the image, to do this I had to create a new layer on top of the the layer that had the shape I wanted the picture to be on, I had tried this on the animated shape first after I had animated it but due to the animation already being present the image did not follow then animation path meaning I would of had to redo the animation path for the shape if I wanted it to appear as a rat. Secondly I used an animation tool to create a moving object for the player to avoid; I did this by setting the shape to have an animation path that moves it across the screen adding a new key frame every time I moved the shape.level-fw

The firth level of my game gave me a spinning obstacle, I didn’t have much time with the level as I went through a phase of creating some custom level designs, none of which made it into the final game due to a the levels not working when I implemented into the software. So with this level I only had time to mask the knife model onto the spinning obstacle however I had some issues making sure that the knife stayed with the shape when it moved, however I did fix this in the final version of my game.


The win screen, simply this is the screen people see when they finish the last level of my game, on this page you see a purple cartoon character climbing out of a manhole. The page also displays the time that the player took to complete all the levels.

Adobe Animate previously referred to as Adobe Flash, is mainly used to design vector graphics and animations making it easy to learn and create your own small flash games. If you would like to learn more about Adobe Animate and its history you can find more information here. However if you would like to download a free trial you can do that here

Here Is A Link To My Game


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